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Photography Package

What’s included:

– Full day (up to 4 hours) Wedding Photography in Skiathos Skopelos or anywhere in Greece ( or Greek Island)
– Photographs delivered are photoshop adjusted and delivered in high resolution
– All images are delivered in color and also in B&W format (therefore x 2 times each)

– Number of photos delivered : about 700

Videography Package

– Full day (up to 4 hours) Wedding Videographer in Skiathos Skopelos or anywhere in Greece ( or Greek Island).

Videography include a a trailer with your  Wedding Highlights.

Package includes Groom & Bride Preparation, Ceremony Locations Shooting and reception.

-Delivery days : 30

Order Additional

extra hour  Videographer
extra hour  photographer

High quality photo book (28 x 66 cm when opened, 50 pages)
High quality photo book (20 x 50 cm when opened, 50 pages)
High quality photo book (18 x 36 cm when opened, 40 pages)     mob +306972726054 






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